“Kevin has this rare ability to capture the shot I see in my head when performing, he grabs the action and preserves it exactly how the moment unfolded. There’s many photographers who snap a picture and the all they look the same as the next one thousands photographers, Kevin’s stand apart from the crowd.”
— Gary Holt (Slayer / Exodus)

"Kevin Wilson is able to capture the live energy of being at a performance.. the essence of being there and feeling the energy of the band and the crowd - all within a photograph. When I look back at his photography, it takes me back to that exact moment in time during a gig, and I am transported back to that vibe of the show. Uncanny.”
— Matt Heafy / Trivium

"Capturing expression in celluloid is a talent as it is a gift. I bring Kevin in when I feel we're going to do something special and it should be caught. I think his work speaks for itself."

-- Jerry Only / The Misfits

"Kevin Wilson has a unique and artistic eye and the uncanny ability to make his subject feel as though he isn't even there."

-- Dave Navarro / Jane's Addiction

"Kevin Wilson, besides being a superlative human being, has also rapidly developed into a superb rock photographer - in fact, as a photographer myself, I'm a little jealous of how good he's gotten. Lots of photographers shoot bands, but very few produce photos that make you feel like you're at the show - Kevin's shots do."

D. Randall Blythe / Lamb of God 

"Kevin not only captures moments with his camera, he embodies the spirit of a rock photographer. He blends into the background when he needs to capture a moment. However, as a person, he is laid back and understanding. I especially enjoyed watching him stage dive with his camera strapped to him, to capture a unique image. In short, Kevin is a great photographer and his passion for his work is evident in his pictures."

Jesse Leach / Killswitch Engage

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