Help fund my dream project!


If you haven't realized by now. I have a huge fascination with architecture and abandoned places.
My goal is to visit the Ukraine by the end of this year so I can document the abandoned city of Pripyat; the city where Chernobyl melted down in 1986. Radiation levels have decreased slightly over the years and individuals are given the chance to explore the city. With your donation, help me make this dream possible. The past 5 years, I've spent the majority of my time promoting other artists with my gallery, Sacred Gallery NYC. It's time that I focus on myself and create a project that will ultimately turn into book/exhibition.

Donations will help cover flight, visa arrangement and accommodations. I'm expecting this should cost somewhere in the market of $2000 - $3000 USD.

Those who donate are given certain perks since I believe that no good deed should go unrewarded.

Click on the "Donate" link above to see what I'll give you in return for helping me make this dream happen.


Fundraiser start date: February 27th. Amount raised so far:  $195.00